(Made from real English Explorers)




Deadhead Rum

*Strong black tea


Orange juice

Lime juice

Fee Bros old fashioned bitters    



Shake with 8-10 oz crushed ice. For your punch thing, fill all the way to the top with ice, then fill with punch most of the way, and stir for about 30-45 seconds, then top off with more punch.


Original Drink by

Lucky the Painproof Man

   3 oz

   2 oz

              1 oz

             .5 oz

  .5 oz

1 dash


*Strong Black Tea

1 tea bag to 4 oz water

Use a strong black tea, like Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, or maybe Earl Gray.



16 oz Unsweetened almond milk

32 oz Turbinado Sugar

.5 oz orange blossom water

12 drops organic almond extract.