Deadhead Rum

Lemon Hart 151

Blue Curacao

Vanilla syrup

Don's mix

Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Fresh squeezed orange juice

Fresh squeezed white-

grapefruit juice

Don's Mix



Add .5- cup of crushed ice and shake thoroughly. Pour into high ball glass and add crushed ice to fill. Garnish with a long cinnamon stick piercing a  quarter lemon wedge (pulp removed).

2 oz

.5 oz

.5 oz

.5 oz

.5 oz

.5 oz

1 oz

.5 oz


1.25 tsp


you've only just left the relative safety of the river boat when you begin to feel a light mist developing. The jungle track is no more than a slight gap through the overgrowth, but you press on. As the mist  thickens, you begin to hear the tribal drums...