DeadHead® Rum has joined forces with the Saving Our Sharks Foundation to discover the most inventive mixologists, ready to redefine classic shark-themed cocktails with their innovative twists The goal of this competition is to reshape the cultural view of sharks—often marred by fear and stigma—to symbols of a sustainable future. Through this initiative, we aim to highlight the significance of preserving these magnificent marine animals and their critical role in the health of our oceans and, by extension, humanity itself one sip at a time.

The Deadhead® Rum Shark Conservation cocktail competition begins May 11, 2024 and ends July 1, 2024. The winning cocktail will compete in the finals for a chance to win the Grand Prize. Finalists will be judged live via Instagram on July 14, 2024, National Shark Awareness Day.




Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Mexican Caribbean, complete with airfare and accommodations at the luxurious Hotel B Cozumel located on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. Dive into a shark conservation adventure with a Cozumel boat adventure (diving or snorkeling lesson, depending on experience level) and learn from former shark fishermen. Join us at Cocomama Tiki Room’s Annual Creepy Tiki Weekender, happening October 30 through November 2, and showcase your mixology skills as a guest bartender at Cocomama Tiki Bar, featuring your award-winning Shark Conservation cocktail crafted with DeadHead® Rum. Your inspirational creation will also be included in an exclusive Cocktail Kit! Additionally, your bio and name will be proudly displayed on and websites.



Tackle the negative stigma associated with shark-themed cocktails by creating a shark conservation inspired spin on a classic. This approach aims to increase awareness about these majestic sea creatures, underscore their critical role in the ocean’s ecosystem, and dispel myths about their threat to humans.

1. Must be 21+ and reside in the United States, or Mexico and be an active bartender.
2. One entry per person, per bar.
3. Entries must be in the form of a cocktail (not a shot) and be a minimum of 90 ml (3oz) liquid
4. Must follow:

○ @deadheadrum
○ @savingoursharksfoundation
○ @cocomamatikiroom

5. Must create a video 15-30 seconds in length:
○ Introduce yourself, name of your bar, and location.
○ State your Shark Conservation cocktail name.
○ Create your cocktail and call out ingredients starting with DeadHead® Rum 6 Year, etc.
○ Competitors are encouraged to explain their cocktails in the video while making them.
Points will be awarded for story, and overall presentation.
○ Include a Call To Action in your video, such as:
● Sharks are key to healthy oceans, essential for us all. I”m teaming up with Deadhead Rum and the Saving Our Sharks Foundation to change how we see sharks. Let’s stop fearing them and start saving them. Sharks are our hope for the future.

○ Additional points if video is posted on social media, and Must tag:
● @deadheadrum
● @savingoursharksfoundation
● @cocomamatikiroom
● #SharkCocktail

6. Entries must be submitted by email to and include:
○ recipe
○ photo of the cocktail
○ and inspiration
○ video, if not posted on social media.

7. Drinks must contain no more than seven ingredients. Garnishes are not considered ingredients. It is acceptable to additionally spray a citrus fruit zest over the drink if specified as a garnish. DeadHead® Rum should be the star, and your cocktail should contain a minimum of 30ml (1oz). The total combined alcoholic ingredients must be equivalent to no more than 75ml (2.5oz) at 40%alc./vol.
8. Cocktails may be presented in any glass, ceramic or other hygienic and food safe receptacle. (Note: points are awarded for the use of eco-friendly sustainable ingredients and presentation.) No brand name or logo other than the regular discrete mark of the glassware manufacturer should be visible (sponsoring brand excepted).

9. Recipes entered must be the original creation of the competitor.
10. Recipes entered must be listed in (ml) or (oz) with the smallest being dashes.No free pouring.

11. Garnishes must be edible but may be mounted on sticks, skewers, straws, forks or other such common bar accessories. Use of edible fruits, herbs, leaves, and spices may include sprigs,
peels, barks, fruit shells etc. Any flowers and petals used must be of an edible variety.

12. By entering this competition, competitors agree to assign copyright of their recipe and drink name to the competition organizers.
13. Competitors and drinks presented during the competition may be photographed (still or video) by the organizers and copyright of these images for any use, including advertising, will be retained by the competition organizers.

Release of images
14. By entering this competition, you are giving permission and assigning license to use images photographed during the competition, both still and video to the organizers. You agree that images may be used in any media for any purpose which may include advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or service. And that these images may be combined with other images, text and graphics, and cropped, altered or modified. This release is irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual.

Drink Names
15. Drink names including trademarked, copyright, rude, lurid, sexual words, or words associated with narcotics or that promote illegal activity are prohibited.

16. Cocktails will be judged based on:
○ Balance (10 pts)
○ Taste (20 pts)
○ Simplicity (10 pts)
○ Originality (20 pts)
○ Story (10 pts)
○ Presentation (20 pts)
○ Video Submission (10 pts)


Let’s shake things up and blend mixology with sustainability! It’s all about celebrating innovation and making a difference. Whether you’re a pro behind the bar or just starting to explore mixology, this is your chance to stand out, inspire, and really make an impact.


Deadhead Rum and Save Our Sharks Foundation Team Up with Artist Matt Kotch

Introducing “Hammered Mary” – Art for Advocacy 

In a remarkable collaboration, artist Matt Kotch (@fishpainter) joins forces with Saving Our Sharks Foundation, DeadHead Rum, and Cocomama Tiki Room to champion the cause of shark preservation. This collaboration brings forth the “Hammered Mary” T-shirt, a creative endeavor aimed at supporting the Isla Mujeres Initiative in the Mexican Caribbean.

The “Hammered Mary” transcends mere artistic expression, it embodies a fusion of intense passion and purpose. This unique T-shirt signifies much more than just clothing—it serves as a powerful call for environmental responsibility and offers a beacon of hope in the relentless fight to safeguard sharks against the perils of the open ocean.

Why “Hammered Mary”?

Each stroke, each color, and symbol in “Hammered Mary” narrates the poignant tale of our oceans’ guardians—sharks. Caught in the crossfire of exploitation and indifference, these majestic creatures find a voice in Matt’s work. The artwork beautifully encapsulates the struggle for equilibrium, with a scarecrow standing guard, ensuring every fish, every creature under its watchful gaze thrives in harmony—a guardian of the seas, if you will.

In a world where the value of life is often measured by profit, Kotch replaces the crucifix with a dollar sign crafted from harpoons. A stark reminder of the price paid in the balance of consumption and conservation.

Wear Your Support

By choosing the “Hammered Mary” T-shirt, you wear a narrative—a testament to the urgency of shark conservation. It’s a statement that you stand for balance, for sustainable coexistence, and for a future where our oceans and its inhabitants flourish in harmony.

Shop with a Purpose

Every purchase is a pledge—a commitment to the cause of saving sharks, preserving our oceans, and, inherently, saving humanity from the brink of ecological imbalance. Your support enables ongoing conservation efforts, fueling the fight against exploitation and ignorance.

Connect Emotionally

Imagine an ocean without sharks, a marine ecosystem crumbling under the weight of human greed. With “Hammered Mary,” you wear your heart on your sleeve, literally and metaphorically. You carry the story of survival, of hope, and the relentless pursuit of balance.

Join us. Make a difference.

Shop “Hammered Mary” now, save sharks, save our oceans, save people.

Your choice has the power to echo through the depths of the oceans and beyond. 


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Rones de México Featured in The Rum Geography’s Rum Guide to Mexico 2024

Mexico is a land of contrasts; year-round sunshine, cloud forests, ancient ruins, modern cities, stunning beaches, and an incredibly rugged interior with volcanoes and waterfalls.

The Tropic of Cancer divides Mexico’s climate and geography from north to south. The arid north, coastal plains to lush jungles in the south, and the Yucatán Peninsula, Gulf of Mexico. The climate shifts from cool, dry winters in the north to year-round warmth in the south. Sugarcane flourishes in the humid south, the main cane-producing regions are Veracruz, Jalisco, and Oaxaca. The sugarcane season can be year-round but generally harvested from January to May. Many rum producers are small-scale farmers at altitudes in remote mountainous regions. 

Sugarcane was brought to Mexico by the Spanish in 1520, with the first Trapiche, a sugar mill followed soon after. In the 1930s, Bacardí built its first distillery outside of Cuba in Mexico, ushering in scaled production and international brands. Since the 90s, due to agave shortages, many tequila producers turned to cane spirit. In the past decade, a new generation of artisanal rum distillers has emerged and partnered with brands.

The main sugarcane spirits are Aguardiente de Cana an unaged fresh cane juice rum, traditional aged rum, and Charanda which can only made in Michoacán. Today, Mexico produces as much rum as the Caribbean countries combined, but that’s not so well known – until now. We start our Mexican rum adventure in the… 

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