Island Voodoo

A bewitching blending of exotic island flavors, fresh pineapple juice and Deadhead rum served with a molasses bruleéd pineapple flower by DTD.


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
*Perfect puree banana .5 oz
Green Chartreuse .25 oz
Fresh pineapple juice .25 oz
Black walnut bitters 2 dashes


Combine one-quarter of a ripe banana with Chartreuse. Mash to make a puree. Add ice and ingredients to a mixing glass; shake well.


Garnish with Molasses bruleéd Pineapple flower with sugarcane stick by Dress the Drink

This terrific cocktail will put a spell on you featuring Deadhead Rum, Banana puree, Green Chartreuse, pineapple juice, and Black walnut bitters. It’s voodoo for you.

deadhead rum cocktail island voodoo