Our single blended, 6 year old cask aged rum has a rich amber hue, and bouquet saturated with the aromas of coffee, chocolate, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which carry through to the palate along with the flavors of cloves, anise and caramel all play in stupendous balance — long spicy finish. An excellent sipping rum. Assertive aromatics and brilliant flavors make it a great choice for use in classic Tiki cocktails.


Single blended, 5 year old rum infused with organic cacao has the essence of coffee and butterscotch on the nose, the echo of dark chocolate is restrained but solidly present in the bouquet. Decadent dark chocolate flavor comes to the forefront on the first sip, layered with a back note of Bing cherry and cream soda.


Pina Colada Day

• 1.50oz Deadhead Rum
• 0.50oz Heirloom Pineapple Amaro
• 0.50oz Casa D’Aristi
• 0.50oz Sonoma Syrups Vanilla Syrup
• 0.50oz Coconut Milk
• 0.75oz Lime Juice

Sunday Morning

• 2.00oz Deadhead Rum

• 1 bsp Vanilla syrup

• 2 dashes Hella Cocktail Co. Smoked Chili bitters

• 2 dashes Coffee Infused Angostura bitters

• Garnish with orange peel

• Smoke with tobacco

*Vanilla syrup

• 1/2c Sugar

• 1/2c Water

• 1tsp Vanilla extract (or 1 split vanilla bean pod)

Father’s Day is a holiday of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of fathers on a family. It’s about spending time with one’s father or the father figures in one’s life. A family gathering features the food and drink he likes. To honor the father in your family, our master mixologist Michael Carbajal has created a special paterfamilias cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Hella smoked chili bitters, coffee-infused Angostura bitters, and vanilla syrup. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Kulau Kapu

• 1.5 oz Deadhead Rum

• 1 oz VSOP Brandy 

• 1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice

• 1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice

• 1.5 oz Coco Lopez

The original signature cocktail by Lucky Munro will airmail you to the tropics with one sip as Deadhead Rum, brandy, pineapple, orange juice, and coconut cream await your arrival.

Midnight in Chiapas

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.25 oz Deadhead Chocolate Rum

• 0.75 oz Montenegro

• 2 dashes of Az Bitters Lab Mi Casa Bitters

Garnish with orange oils and luxardo cherry

The original signature cocktail by master mixologist Michael Carbajal blends Deadhead Rum and Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum with Montenegro Amaro for a bittersweet ending to your evening.


• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.50 oz Giffard Banane du Bresil

• 0.75 oz Liquid Alchemist Orgeat (may need to be adjusted depending on sweetness of LA’s orgeat)

• 1 oz Lime Juice

Garnish with mint

Go bananas with Michael Carbajal original signature cocktail featuring rich banana liqueur, mint, fresh lime juice, and Deadhead Rum.

Ma’alob (pronounced “Mai Low”, the Mayan translation of maita’i… a variation using one of Chiapas biggest crops the banana)

It Takes Two to Mango

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.75 oz Re’al Mango

• 1 oz Lime Juice

• 2 dashes of Scrappy’s Firewater Bitters (or any spicy bitters)

Glass rimmed with chili salt, garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel

Mango in the desert with a Michael Carbajal original signature cocktail that gives mango and Deadhead Rum a southwestern edge with chile salt and lime.

Dead and Famous

• 1.50 oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.75 oz Yellow Chartreuse

• 0.75 oz Select Aperitivo

• 0.75 oz Lime Juice

Garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel

Master Mixologist Michael Carbajal has introduced 18th-century Carthusian Monks and yellow Chartreuse to 21st-century Méxican rum distilled in the jungles of Chiapas. Some say it’s a religious experience.

Drunk Monkee

• 1.50oz Deadhead Chocolate Rum

• 0.50oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.25oz Bonampak Coffee

• 0.50oz Banana Reál

• 0.50oz Coconut Milk

• 0.50oz Lemon juice

• 2 dashes AZ Bitters Lab Mi Casa

Garnish with bamboo leaf and banana chip

A banana leaf, banana chip, coconut milk, and Deadhead Rum and Bonampak Coffee Rum belong in only one drink: An original signature cocktail by Michael Carbajal.

Smoked Lime Tiki Punch

• 1 oz DeadHead rum
• 1 oz pineapple juice
• 1 oz blood orange juice
• 1 oz grapefruit juice
• .5 oz grenadine
• .5 oz lime juice
• 2 oz lime tonic water

Serve over crushed ice, garnished as you please.

This is Deadhead Rum when it wanders into a citrus orchard of pineapple, orange, grapefruit, and lime. What results is cocktail heaven.

Shrunken Head Swizzle

• 3 oz. freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice 
• 2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice 
• .5 oz. agave nectar 
• 3 oz. Deadhead Rum 
• 1 oz. Lemon Hart 151 
• 4 oz. Barritt’s Ginger Beer 
• 3 large dashes of orange bitters 

Put all ingredients into a large tiki mug. Mix using a swizzle. Top with
coarsely crushed ice.

What happens when grapefruit, lime, agave, lemon, orange bitters, and ginger beer meet Deadhead Rum? It can only end in bliss.

Created by Lucky the Painproof Man (Richard Swartz)

Purple People Eater

• 1.5 oz Deadhead Rum

• .75 oz Montenegro

• .50 oz Liquid Alchemist Passion Fruit

• .50 oz Pineapple Juice

• .75 oz Lime Juice

Steep the entire cocktail with butterfly pea flowers

Garnish with bamboo leaf, dehydrated pineapple, edible orchid

Passion fruit meets the passion of master mixologist Michael Carbajal in this original signature cocktail. Get your purple passion on with the Purple People Eater. Live purple. Be purple. It’s Shagalicious Deliciousness!

Papoki Punch

• 2 oz. pineapple juice
• .5 oz. fresh lime juice
• .5 oz. orgeat syrup
• 1 oz. Deadhead Rum
• .5 oz. Grand Marnier

Shake with crushed ice. Add a splash of soda. Top with
dark spiced rum. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf.
Score: 98

Deadhead Rum teams up with Grand Marnier to punch it out with orgeat syrup (Mai Tai ingredient), lime juice, pineapple juice and a garnish of mint.

By Jessica & Steve Manko

Old Fashioned Head

Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with a classic. This is not one of those times. 

• 1 Lemon wheel

• 1 maraschino cherry

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• 1/2 oz BG Reynolds Vanilla Syrup

• 2 dashes Angostura bitters

• 1/2 oz soda

Muddle lemon and cherry, stir in rum and vanilla syrup, add ice and soda.

Deadhead Rum takes on the classic old-fashioned and creates a new fashion drink we think will never go out of fashion.

Mango Cherry Bomb

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• 1 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

• 4 oz mango nectar

• 1 oz sweet & sour

• 4 dashes Black Cloud Mango bitters. 

Serve in chilled glass, garnish with flaming cherry or as desired.

An explosion of flavor happens when pot-stilled Deadhead Rum reacts to pot-stilled Luxardo Maraschino liqueur and Black Cloud Mango Bitters. Stand back!
By: Diego Corral

Lucha Libre

• 1 1/2 oz DeadHead rum

• 1/2 oz Gran Marnier

• 1/2 oz honey*

• 1/2 oz tamarind chili syrup**

• 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

*Honey needs to be diluted, one part honey to one-part warm water.  Shake until diluted.

**Tamarind chili syrup is:

Tamarind pulp diluted with water according to the package instructions, and heat.  Once it starts to boil add 1/2 cup sugar to every cup of water used and 2 dried chilies de arbol, broken or cut into pieces, for each cup of water.  Let this simmer for 10-15 min until you notice the mixture getting thicker. Strain out the solids and its done!

Shake and serve with a lemon or orange, mint would be nice, and a cherry.

The special drink recipe from The Tonga Hut in Hollywood matches Deadhead Rum and Grand Marnier against tamarind chili syrup that’s sure to pin your tongue to the mat. In a good way.

By Marie King, The Tonga Hut, Hollywood

Mayan Sea

• 1 oz. lime juice
• .5 oz. orange juice
• 1.5 oz. Deadhead Rum
• .25 oz. Xtabentun

Shake with ice. Strain into a champagne saucer.

Deadhead Rum shakes hands with Xtabentun, a Yucatan liqueur of honey and anise, for a refreshing partnership made in Mayan history.

By John Minor

Jungle Fogg

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• .5 oz Lemon Hart 151

• .5 Blue Curacao

• .5 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice 

• .5 oz fresh squeezed white grapefruit juice 

• 1 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

• .5 oz vanilla syrup

• 1.25 tsp of Don’s Mix (BG Reynolds)

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake thoroughly. Pour into high ball glass and add crushed ice to fill.

Garnish with long cinnamon stick piercing into a quarter lemon wedge (pulp removed).

Deadhead Rum shakes hands with Xtabentun, a Yucatan liqueur of honey and anise, for a refreshing partnership made in Mayan history.


• 2 oz Deadhead rum
• 1 cup watermelon juice
• Juice of 1 lime
• Juice of half orange
• 4 dashes Shibitters watermelon bitters
• 1 oz Habanero simple syrup
• 3 jalapeno medallions

Serve over ice, garnish with habanero or as desired

By Diego Corral

One sip of this island-inspired mix of Deadhead Rum, overproofed Lemon Hart 151, Curaçao, Don’s Mix, citrus juice, and vanilla will get you lost in the jungle forever.

Flying Monkey

• 1.5 oz. Deadhead Rum 
• .75 oz. DeKuyper Creme de Banana Liqueur
• .25 oz. Hiram Walker Original Cinn Schnapps
• .25 oz. Don Q Limon Rum
• .25 oz. Fee Brothers Vanilla Syrup
• Scant tsp. fresh-squeezed lemon juice

Fill tiki mug with crushed ice and add all ingredients. 
Swizzle and then garnish with baby bananas, edible flower
and straw in a tiki mug.

Monkeys fly when you mix Deadhead Rum, banana liqueur, cinnamon schnapps, Don Q Limon Syrup, vanilla, and garnish with baby bananas and serve in a tiki mug. Fly first class.

By Blair Frodelius

Dying Leaves

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum
• .5 oz Frangelico
• .5 oz apple cider
• .25 oz fresh lime juice
• 3 dashes of molasses bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Original Drink by Kelly Patterson

Go nuts over hazelnut liqueur (Frangelico), apple cider, molasses bitters, and Deadhead Rum in this original drink by Kelly Patterson.

Dr. Zaius Punch

• 2 oz Deadhead Cask Aged Rum
• 1.5 oz Gifard Banane du Bresil
• .5 oz Passionfruit syrup .5oz
• .5 oz Lime juice
• 1 oz Orange juice

Go ape with this jungle punch of Deadhead Rum and banana liqueur with a special recipe inspired by Planet of the Apes Doctor Zaius.

Dead in Miami

• 1.50oz Deadhead Rum

• 0.50oz Bonampak Botanical Rum

• 0.25oz Liquid Alchemist Coconut

• 0.50oz Liquid Alchemist Strawberry

• 0.50oz Cinnamon Syrup

• 1.00oz Pineapple Juice

• 0.75oz Lime Juice

Garnish with dehydrated strawberry & basil/mint bouquet

Delightful aromatic mixture of white rum and botanical rum and a taste of the sun-drenched tropics. 

Original Cocktail by Michael Carbajal

Day of the Dead Mai Tai

• 2 oz Deadhead Rum

• .5 oz Triple Sec

• .75 oz Fresh lime juice

• .25 oz Almond (Orgeat) syrup

• .25 oz Sugar syrup

Add all above to ice and shake, pour over crushed ice garnish with a lime wheel.

Original drink by Pads Kent

This refreshing cocktail of Deadhead rum, Triple Sec, Almond (Orgeat) syrup, and freshly-squeezed lime juice is sure to raise the dead for a second round.

Chili Mango Ginger Rum Punch

• 2 oz Deadhead rum

• 1/2 oz lime juice

• 3 dashes Dr. Sours Manganero mango & chili bitters

• 3 oz ginger beer

• 1/2 oz pineapple juice

Serve over ice, garnish with candied pineapple and chili mango.

By Diego Corral

A Mexican medley of Deadhead Rum and Dr. Sours Manganero Mango and Chili Bitters raise the flag of Mexico to a higher level.

Blueberry Tiki Punch

• 2 oz Deadhead rum

• 1/2 cup tart cherry juice

• 1/2 cup pineapple juice

• 1.5 oz frozen blueberry puree

• Juice of 1 lime. Juice of 1 lemon

• 4 dashes Brooklyn Hemispherical Blueberry bitters

• 1 cup lime soda.

Serve over ice, garnish with a row of blueberries, or as desired.

By Diego Corral

Find your thrill on blueberry hill with Deadhead Rum, frozen blueberry puree, blueberry bitters, cherry and pineapple juice.

Bad Girl Riri

• 50 ml Deadhead Rum Mini
• 50 ml OR-G Vodka Mini
• 1 oz Passion Fruit Juice
• 1 oz Mango juice
• 1/4 oz Fresh lime juice
• 1/2 oz Fresh squeezed orange juice
• Garnish : Cherry, orange slice in drink and disco dust on rim of the glass 🍒

Original drink by Mz. Lulu from CaliMixers Mixologist

This cocktail doesn’t take any s*** from anybody. Deadhead Rum, vodka, passion, mango, lime, and orange juice. You go girl!



• 2oz Deadhead
• 1oz Horchata Syrup
• .5oz Coconut Milk
• .5oz Pineapple Juice
• .5oz Orange Juice
• .5oz Lime Juice
• Top with Gardenia Spice

Creamy rice Horchata is nice but even nicer with a shot of rich, dark Deadhead Rum from the exotic jungles of México. It’s a cream dream!

Original Cocktail by Michael Carbajal via Alec Gonzales

A Bitter Fued


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Sweet apple cider 1.25 oz
Fresh lemon juice .5 oz
Angostura bitters 3 dashes
Capelletti apperitivo .75 oz


Garnish with a parasol, Luxardo maraschino cherry, and paper straw.

Wild Fire

Original cocktail by Don Rudowsky


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
*Fresh chili lime juice 1 oz
**Chipotle pineapple-cinnamon simple syrup 1 oz
Galliano liqueur .5 oz


With cinnamon stick and pineapple leaves


Shake and strain into cocktail glass.
(optional) Smoke cocktail glass with cinnamon smoke.

*Infuse lime juice with Pink House Alchemy’s Mexican Chile syrup.

**Chipotle Pineapple-Cinnamon Simple Syrup recipe: Core 1 pineapple. Dice 2 oz of fresh pineapple and cover with 1 ounce of Turbinado sugar and let soak for 1 hour. Bring saucepan (w/2 oz of water) to simmer. Add solution along with another .5 cup of sugar, 6 cinnamon sticks and 2 chipotle peppers. Simmer for 1 hour. Let cool before bottling.

Takes an arsonist mixologist to set this wild fire with Deadhead Rum, chili lime juice, chipotle pineapple-cinnamon syrup, and Galliano. Call the fire department!

Tongan Cholo


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Gran marnier .5 oz
Fresh lemon juice .5 oz
Honey* .5 oz
Tamarind chili syrup** .5 oz


*Honey needs to be diluted, one part honey to one part warm water. Shake until diluted.

**Tamarind chili syrup is:

Tamarind pulp, which can be purchase as most latin grocery stores.

We have Vallarta markets close to the bar and I use stuff from there that’s frozen. Dilute it with water according to the package instructions, and heat.

Shake and serve with a lemon or orange, mint would be nice, and a cherry, or whatever looks fancy.

This cholo cocktail has achieved high cultural status in tiki bars everywhere featuring Deadhead Rum, Grand Marnier, real tamarind pulp chili, real honey and real fresh lemon juice. Come real or don’t come at all!

Tiki Lau

Original cocktail by Mike Bentle


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Pineapple infused brandy ,75 oz
Trader Vics macadamia nut liqueur .5 oz
Coconut water 2 oz
Fresh lime juice .75 oz
Berrit’s ginger beer


In a cocktail shaker, mix Deadhead rum, pineapple brandy, Trader Vic’s macadamia nut liqueur, coconut water, and lime juice. 11 shakes.

Pour over ice in cocktail glass. Add float of Barritt’s ginger beer. Top with Deadhead rum float.


With lime wedge, cherries, and mint sprig. Serve with side of coconut chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Victor (“Trader Vic”) Bergeron packed more excitement into his life than any other man, leaving behind Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liqueur, mixed here with Deadhead Rum, Pineapple Brandy, coconut water, and ginger beer. Cheers, Vic!


Original cocktail by Savage Patty


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Pomegranate juice 1.5 oz
Fresh lemon juice 1 oz
Pimento dram .25 oz
Infused cane sugar syrup .75 oz


With orange wheel and zest ginger.

Hop aboard and sail the Caribbean Sea with Deadhead Rum, Pomegranate juice, fresh lemon juice, and Jamaican Pimento allspice. Can you hear the steel drums?

Serpentine Fire

Original cocktail by Anthony DeMaria


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Lime juice 1 oz
Demerara 1oz
Rhubarb bitters 2 dashes
Egg whites 1 oz


Hard shake & strain

Travel the winding course to the tiki bar for a fire-colored cocktail of Deadhead Rum, fresh lime juice, Demerara cane sugar, Rhubarb bitters, topped with egg whites.

A Savage Curse

Original cocktail by Samantha Coulter


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Falernum .25 oz
Fresh lemon juice .25 oz
Fresh lime juice .25 oz
Passion fruit syrup .25 oz
Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice .25 oz
Bitters dash
Splash of soda water


Cherry, lime & voodoo curse in a glass cocktail.
No evil ever came from a refreshing cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Falernum, passion fruit, pomegranate juice, and a dash of bitters. You’ll curse the days you went without.

Riders on the Storm

Original cocktail by Don Schott


Deadhead Rum 4 oz
Pom pomegranate juice 2 oz
Crushed pineapple in juice 1 oz
Reed’s extra ginger ginger beer 2 oz


Pour and serve.
Riders on the storm into this cocktail were born Deadhead Rum, Pomegranate juice, Pineapple juice, and Reed’s Extra Ginger Ginger Beer.

Ride Like the Wind

Original cocktail by Don Schott


Deadhead Rum 4 oz
Papaya juice 2 oz
Elder flower liqueur 2 oz
Cutie or 10 black cherries (juice) 1 oz


Pour into a wonderful tiki glass.


With an slice of mango jerkey

Into the tiki bar you go with four ounces of Deadhead Rum, Papaya juice, Elderflower liqueur, and black cherry juice. Ride, ride like the wind. Ride.

The Mac-Daq

Mac DaqOriginal cocktail by Michael Bentle

You’ll go nuts over this macadamia daiquiri with rum, fresh limes and coconut water. Toasted orange-coconut and crushed macadamia nuts rim by DTD.


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Coconut water 1 oz
Cointreau 1 oz
Fresh lime juice 2 oz
Trader Vic’s macadamia nut liquor 2 oz


Shake well with crushed ice. A Rim Mai Tai glass with toasted coconut. Add Deadhead Rum, Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut Liquor, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice, and Coconut Water to cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake 11 times for transformation.


Garnish: Rim half of a daiquiri glass with Toasted Orange Coconut-Macadamia nut flakes by Dress the Drink

No one has ever turned their back on the Mac-Daq featuring Deadhead Rum, Coconut water, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, Trader Vic’s Macadamia Nut liqueur, and rimmed with toasted orange-coconut and crushed macadamia nuts.

One More Time

Original cocktail by Don Rudowsky


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Hibiscus tea 2 oz
Lime juice 1 oz
Creme or coconut 1 oz
Ginger syrup 1 oz


Blend with ice.

Oh baby this is a great cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Hibiscus tea, fresh lime juice, cream of coconut, and ginger syrup. Don’t let this one go. Oh baby, baby.

Muertito Mojo


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Simple syrup 1.5 oz
Fresh strawberries 3
Fresh spearmint sprigs 4-5
Lime half
Soda water


In a chilled glass muddle the simple syrup, strawberries, and mint leaves together with the back of a spoon. Squeeze lime into the glass, add Deadhead rum, and stir well.
Fill glass with ice and top off with soda water.


With mint sprigs or strawberry slices

Step into a strawberry field of fresh strawberries, fresh spearmint sprigs, lime and soda water, and of course Deadhead Rum. Strawberry fields forever!

Lido Deck Shuffleboard

Original cocktail by James Honeycutt


Deadhead Rum 1 oz
Grand marnier 1 oz
Mango nectar 3 oz
Gatorade 2 oz
Juice of lime half


Serve in a highball glass with crushed ice.


With a pineapple slide and umbrella.

An umbrella has never found a better place to be than covering a refreshing cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Grand Marnier, Mango nectar, Gatorade and fresh lime juice.

Lava Splash


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Lemon juice 1 oz
Grapefruit juice .5 oz
Grenadine .5 oz
Angostura bitters 2 dashes
Anisette .5 oz
Bacardi 151 .5 oz


Shake well with ice. Enjoy!

Dash into a splash of Deadhead Rum, lemon and grapefruit juice, grenadine, Angostura Bitters, Anisette, and Bacardi 151. This splash will be your last.

Jeannie’s Wish


Deadhead Rum 2.5 oz
Orange bitters 1 dash
Cranberry juice 1.5 oz
Pineapple juice 1 oz
Lemon juice .75 oz
Brown sugar syrup .5 oz


Shake everything with crushed ice, pour into brandy snifter filled with crushed ice.


with Pineapple spear and dried cranberries soaked in DeadHead Rum overnight.

Who’s Jennie? What’s her wish? Who cares when you got a refreshing cocktail featuring Deadhead Rum, lemon and grapefruit juice, Angostura Bitters, Anisette, Brown sugar syrup and Bacardi 151.

Island Voodoo

A bewitching blending of exotic island flavors, fresh pineapple juice and Deadhead rum served with a molasses bruleéd pineapple flower by DTD.


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
*Perfect puree banana .5 oz
Green Chartreuse .25 oz
Fresh pineapple juice .25 oz
Black walnut bitters 2 dashes


Combine one-quarter of a ripe banana with Chartreuse. Mash to make a puree. Add ice and ingredients to a mixing glass; shake well.


Garnish with Molasses bruleéd Pineapple flower with sugarcane stick by Dress the Drink

This terrific cocktail will put a spell on you featuring Deadhead Rum, Banana puree, Green Chartreuse, pineapple juice, and Black walnut bitters. It’s voodoo for you.

Hot Buttered Rum


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Sugar 1 tsp
Slice of lemon 1
Stick of cinnamon 1
Nutmeg 1 pinch

It’s a warm welcome into the comforting world of Deadhead Rum, sugar, slice of lemon, stick of cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg. We think you’ll warm up to it in a hurry.

Goblin’s Punch


Deadhead Rum 2 oz
Midori melon liqueur .5 oz
Fresh lime juice .5 oz
Grapefruit bitters 2 dashes
Simple syrup grenadine .5 oz
& lime zest


Garnish with a cherry, Serve in cocktail glass.

A monstrous creature of a cocktail featuring Deadhead Rum, Midori melon liqueur, fresh lime juice, grapefruit bitters, and grenadine. Boo!

Forbidden Fruit Swizzle

Original cocktail by Lucky the Painproof Man

Deadhead Rum 3 oz
Lime juice 2 oz
Pink grapefruit juice 3 oz
Agave nectar .5 oz
Lemon hart 1 oz
Barritt’s ginger beer 4 oz
Orange bitters 3 large dashes

Put all ingredients into a large tiki mug. Mix using a swizzle. Top with coarsely crushed ice.

Taste the forbidden fruit of lime and pink grapefruit juice, Agave nectar and Lemon Hart, orange bitters, ginger beer, and of course Deadhead Rum. Forgive yourself for the forbidden.

English Explorer Ti

(Made from real English Explorers)


Deadhead Rum 3 oz
*Strong black tea 2 oz
**Orgeat 1 oz
Orange juice .5 oz
Lime juice .5 oz
Fee Bros old fashioned bitters 1 dash


Shake with 8-10 oz crushed ice. For your punch thing, fill all the way to the top with ice, then fill with punch most of the way, and stir for about 30-45 seconds, then top off with more punch.

*Strong Black Tea
1 tea bag to 4 oz water
Use a strong black tea, like Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, or maybe Earl Gray.

16 oz Unsweetened almond milk
32 oz Turbinado Sugar
.5 oz orange blossom water
12 drops organic almond extract.

Set sail on the English Explorer with an historical cocktail of Deadhead Rum, strong black tea, Orgeat (almond), freshly-squeezed juices, and a dash of Fee Bros. Old Fashion Bitters. Ahoy, Mate!

Drop Deadhead Red


Deadhead Rum 2oz

Hibiscus liqueur 1.5oz
Blood orange syrup .75oz
Fresh lime juice 1oz
Cranberry coconut juice 3oz


Shake all ingredients & pour over crushed ice. Garnished w lime, dried hibiscus & passion cherry.


Shake all ingredients & pour over crushed ice.

Get caught red-handed with a cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Hibiscus liqueur, blood-orange syrup, fresh lime juice, and Cranberry coconut juice.

Didicas Volcano

Original cocktail by Marlo Gamora 2013 Ohana Cocktail Contest Winner


Deadhead Rum 2.5 oz
Unsweetened pineapple juice 3 oz
Donn’s Spices #2 5 oz
Tamarind nectar 1 oz
Fee’s walnut bitters 1 dash
Bittermen’s tiki bitters 3 dashes
crushed ice 1 cup


Garnish with pineapple wedges, pineapple leaves, and a float of 3 star anises and serve.


Pour Lemon Hart 151 rum into the volcano bowl and flame. Place remaining ingredients into a blender. Blend for 10 seconds. Pour into a 16 oz. volcano bowl and spark/toast grated nutmeg.

This cocktail is an active volcano of Deadhead Rum, Donn’s Spices, Tamarind nectar, Fee Bros.’ Walnut bitters, and Bittermen’s tiki bitters. One sip and you’ll erupt in applause.

Yah Mo Burn This Place to the Ground

Original cocktail by Oahu Willy


Deadhead Rum 2.25 oz
Cutty Sark scotch .5 oz
Guava nectar .75 oz
Fresh lime juice .75 oz
*Orange demerara syrup .75 oz

*Orange Demerara Syrup

1 cup demerara sugar
.5 cup water
.5 cup fresh squeezed OJ


Build in a tall tin. Add ice and shake. Hawthorne strain into tiki mug of choice that’s been packed with coarse-cracked ice.

Blend until sugar is dissolved, cool. Add 4 orange peels (like you’d use for an old fashioned garnish), let sit overnight.

Start the fire with Deadhead rum, Cutty Sark scotch, Guava nectar, fresh lime juice, and orange Demerara syrup. Yah Mo B There!

Hypnotic Hibiscus Punch

Original cocktail by Kelly Merrell


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Light Rum 1 oz
Fresh lemon juice 1 oz
Orgeat .5 oz
Hibiscus grenadine .5 oz
Simple syrup.25 oz

Fall under the magic spell of hibiscus grenadine, fresh lime juice, Orgeat (almond), and Deadhead Rum. Dance in a trance!

Deadhead Grog

Original cocktail by Poly Hai


Deadhead Rum 3/4 cup
Whole cloves 8
Orange rind strips 1
Ground cardamon 1/8 tsp
Ground fresh nutmeg 1/8 tsp
Freshly brewed coffee 3 cups
Vanilla extract 1/4 cup


Add cloves, cardamon, nutmeg and orange rinds to fresh brewed coffee. Let steep for 20 mins. Strain. Add Deadhead rum and vanilla. Serve hot or iced.

Spice up your life with whole cloves, ground cardamom, nutmeg, orange-rind strips, coffee, vanilla extract, and Deadhead Rum. Calling all groghounds!

Cider Punch


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Spiced apple cider 3 oz
Lime juice 1.5 tbsp


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into cocktail glass garnish with an apple slice.

A cider punch a day keeps the doctor away with Deadhead Rum, Spiced Apple Cider, and freshly-squeezed lime juice. There are no rules in this cider house!

Beach Binge

Original cocktail by Justin J. Dupre and Courtney Engle


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Combier de Peche liqueur .25 oz
BB Reynolds lime cordial syrup .25 oz
Orange juice 1.5 oz
Ginger beer/ale 1 oz

Shake all ingreients with ice except ginger beer. Pour into collins glass, top with ginger beer.

With orange slice.

Endless summers begin with Deadhead Rum, Combier de Peche liqueur, BG Reynolds lime cordial syrup, orange juice and ginger beer. Surf’s Up!


HaoleOriginal cocktail by Gretta (the Grass Skirt Goddess)

A lighter version of a white Russian with the taste of the islands. Deadhead rum, coffee liqueur and big splash of coconut milk served over ice with a crisp caramel coffee nest by DTD.


Deadhead Rum
Unsweetened coconut milk
Allspice syrup (optional)


Add the rum and coffee liqueur to an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Top with a large splash of unsweetened coconut milk and stir.


with Caramel Coffee Nest Cookie by Dress the Drink. And a dusting of nutmeg (optional)

Lighter version of a White Russian with Deadhead Rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and coconut milk. Holler for Haole!

Wild Mountain Honey

Original cocktail by Blair Frodelius


Deadhead Rum
Pineapple juice
Fresh lime juice
Wild honey syrup


Add all ingredients to medium sized mug filled with crushed ice, and stir to chill and mix. Garnish with a straw. If desired add a slice of grilled lemon as a garnish.

Climb the mountain to an original cocktail of Deadhead Rum, Campari, freshly-squeezed pineapple and lime juice, and a dollop of wild honey syrup.