Deadhead Monkey Mug


The Deadhead Monkey Mug was designed by sculptor Odd Rodney as merch for Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum. It’s a dead ringer for the brand’s iconic shrunken monkey head bottle (also sculpted by Odd Rodney) and it’s wearing a fez! The back of the fez features an opening to sip your favorite libation from.

Five years in the making — no seriously it took 5 years for this mug to be made. Originally designed in 2018 but, by reasons of force majeure, it was produced in 2023 by Tiki Farm in Tlaquepaque, Mexico an artisan village known for its ceramics and pottery. Forged from high quality, high temperature fired ceramic, each mug is hand made, hand cast, and then individually hand glazed resulting in a small variance in glaze color which makes each mug unique. The Deadhead Monkey Mug measures 5 3/4″ in height and holds 16 ounces of ice cold tropical deliciousness.

Limited amount of mugs are available for sale as of February 13, 2023 and will ship out in about a week. Special one of a kind, custom deluxe glaze mugs will be available from Odd Rodney. Please contact him directly at for these.


“Deadhead” Rum logo on front

“Odd Rodney” on bottom

“Tiki Farm” on bottom



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