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Deadhead Rum and Saving Our Sharks Foundation Shake Up Conservation with Shark Cocktail Partnership

In an exciting and flavorful new venture aimed at stirring positive change for ocean conservation, Saving Our Sharks Foundation (SOSF) and Deadhead® Rum have joined forces to protect sharks and transform lives. This dynamic partnership introduces the Deadhead® SOSF Shark Cocktail campaign that intertwines hospitality with conservation.

Representing a fusion of flavors and values, the collaboration underscores the importance of sharks in maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. By leveraging the platform of the hospitality and tourism industries, the partnership aims to raise awareness, spark conversations, and mobilize action towards safeguarding shark populations and preserving our oceans.

This is more than mixing ingredients—it’s about mixing ideas, passion, and action for the health of our oceans. It exemplifies the potential of joining forces across industries to drive meaningful impact for the benefit of sharks, the ocean, and the communities that rely on them.  Central to the partnership is the Deadhead® SOSF Shark Cocktail campaign which challenges select on-premise bars and restaurants to craft an exclusive ocean conservation-themed cocktail using Deadhead Rum. This innovative beverage experience serves as a gateway for individuals to delve into the world of shark conservation, illustrating how everyday choices can contribute to the greater good of our planet.

Kim Brandi, founder of Deadhead Rum expressed enthusiasm for the partnership’s potential to inspire change: “The Deadhead® SOSF Shark Cocktail campaign aspires not just to serve a drink, but to create a conversation—an experiential sip towards a more sustainable future.”

The Deadhead® SOSF Shark Cocktail campaign is set to launch on May 5, 2024, at the Golden Tiki in Las Vegas, Nevada. The highlight of this campaign is the “Caribbean Shark Revivor” cocktail, a creation of renowned Drink Specialist, Adam Rains. This unique cocktail combines Deadhead Rum with freshly squeezed lime juice, a distinctive mix of salted peach tamarind ginger honey, southern style amaro, absinthe, and specially crafted, ocean conservation-themed garnishes by Dress the Drink. These imaginative garnishes, made from all-natural ingredients, are designed to mimic the coral reefs of the Mexican Caribbean, adding a whimsical touch to each drink.

For every shark-themed cocktail sold, a direct contribution will be made towards the advancement of ocean conservation initiatives, marrying the act of sipping with sustainability efforts. Conservation-focused cocktails will be available in select bars, restaurants, and hospitality venues that share a commitment to environmental consciousness, symbolizing the collaboration between the private sector and conservation organizations in fostering a more sustainable future. The collaboration also includes educational initiatives, community engagement efforts, and ongoing support for shark conservation projects led by SOSF.

“Led by Deadhead, this creative initiative is a stepping stone for the Shark Hero Program throughout North America. It enables multiple Shark Heroes to create a positive and collaborative impact via partnerships to position the Shark Drink and Shark Table  concepts to raise awareness while saving sharks one drink and bite at a time,” stated Cristina Balcázar Escalera, SOSF Shark Hero and Project Manager.

This collaborative partnership between SOSF and Deadhead Rum serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating how the private sector can leverage its influence and resources to mobilize individuals towards a common goal that benefits both people and the planet.




About Saving Our Sharks Foundation:

Saving Our Sharks Foundation (SOSF) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sharks and marine ecosystems. Through research, advocacy, and community engagement, SOSF strives to ensure a sustainable future for our oceans.

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About Deadhead Rum:

Deadhead Rum is a premium rum brand known for its distinctive packaging and exceptional quality. Committed to environmental stewardship, Deadhead Rum actively supports marine conservation initiatives and collaborates with organizations like SOSF to drive positive change for our planet. For more information on the Deadhead SOSF Cocktail Campaign partnerships and opportunities, please contact:

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