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CALLING ALL MIXOLOGISTS SHARK CONSERVATION COCKTAIL COMPETITION FOR A CAUSE DeadHead® Rum has joined forces with the Saving Our Sharks Foundation to discover the most inventive mixologists, ready to redefine classic shark-themed cocktails with their innovative twists The goal of this competition is to reshape the cultural view of sharks—often marred by fear and stigma—to […]

Deadhead Rum and Save Our Sharks Foundation Team Up with Artist Matt Kotch

Introducing “Hammered Mary” – Art for Advocacy  In a remarkable collaboration, artist Matt Kotch (@fishpainter) joins forces with Saving Our Sharks Foundation, DeadHead Rum, and Cocomama Tiki Room to champion the cause of shark preservation. This collaboration brings forth the “Hammered Mary” T-shirt, a creative endeavor aimed at supporting the Isla Mujeres Initiative in the Mexican Caribbean. […]

Deadhead Rum and Saving Our Sharks Foundation Shake Up Conservation with Shark Cocktail Partnership

In an exciting and flavorful new venture aimed at stirring positive change for ocean conservation, Saving Our Sharks Foundation (SOSF) and Deadhead® Rum have joined forces to protect sharks and transform lives. This dynamic partnership introduces the Deadhead® SOSF Shark Cocktail campaign that intertwines hospitality with conservation. Representing a fusion of flavors and values, the […]

Michael Carbajal Joins Deadhead Rum as Brand Ambassador and In-House Mixologist

Bartender Michael Carbajal has joined the Deadhead Rum family as brand ambassador and in-house mixologist where he will continue to create signature cocktails and promote the brand on social media and at tastings across the country.  “Unlike other spirits that have strict laws regarding production guidelines,”says Carbajal, “each rum country has its own production methods […]

10 Years Strong. The Spirit Lives On.

When we created Deadhead Rum in 2011, we did so because we wanted to bring deserved attention to, and honor to, the storied history of rum production in México.  After all, since the 18th-century, sugarcane has been a major crop in México and rum is a national beverage. Today, México has more sugar mills than […]

Jimmy Psycho Experiment Joins the Deadhead Rum Family

Jimmy Psycho Experiment Joins the Deadhead Rum Family The world’s only spook/sci-fi, punk-rock lounge act joins the Deadhead Rum family as a partner and brand ambassador for Deadhead Rums. Jimmy and the Deadhead Rum family have taken their longtime collaboration and respect for each other to a higher level of commitment. Jimmy is joining the […]