Flying Monkey
Blair Frodelius

1.5 oz. Deadhead Rum 
.75 oz. DeKuyper Creme de Banana Liqueur
.25 oz. Hiram Walker Original Cinn Schnapps
.25 oz. Don Q Limon Rum
.25 oz. Fee Brothers Vanilla Syrup
Scant tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice

Fill tiki mug with crushed ice and add all ingredients. 
Swizzle and then garnish with baby bananas, edible flower
and straw in tiki mug.

Monkeys fly when you mix Deadhead Rum, banana liqueur, cinnamon schnapps, Don Q Limon Syrup, vanilla, and garnish with baby bananas and serve in a tiki mug. Fly first class.

deadhead rum cocktail flying monkey