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Tiki Oasis San Diego 2023!

2023 Tiki Oasis Arizona

deadhead rum pool tiki oasis arizona

2021 Arizona Tiki Oasis

We’d like to thank everyone who partied with us at Tiki Oasis Arizona. 

We loved the enthusiasm at the opening night party followed by the Shag Party we sponsored featuring the Purple People Eater cocktail curated by master mixologist Michael Carabajal.

We’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary of bringing you the finest rum made in México. Maybe the finest rum made anywhere. 

Come join us at Tiki Oasis San Diego in July if you can. We will be introducing our 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Rum.

Deadhead Rum. Ten years strong. The spirit lives on. 

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2016 Tiki Oasis

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2015 Tiki oasis

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2013 Tiki Oasis