Tongan Cholo


Deadhead Rum 1.5 oz
Gran marnier .5 oz
Fresh lemon juice .5 oz
Honey* .5 oz
Tamarind chili syrup** .5 oz


*Honey needs to be diluted, one part honey to one part warm water. Shake until diluted.

**Tamarind chili syrup is:

Tamarind pulp, which can be purchase as most latin grocery stores.

We have Vallarta markets close to the bar and I use stuff from there that’s frozen. Dilute it with water according to the package instructions, and heat.

Shake and serve with a lemon or orange, mint would be nice, and a cherry, or whatever looks fancy.

This cholo cocktail has achieved high cultural status in tiki bars everywhere featuring Deadhead Rum, Grand Marnier, real tamarind pulp chili, real honey and real fresh lemon juice. Come real or don’t come at all!